Is Kids for Cash getting the audience it deserves?



Thompson on Hollywood, a blog on the latest movie news, movie reviews and Oscar predictions, posted a blog this week entitled “Why Shocking ‘Kids for Cash’ is the best Oscar doc contender you haven’t seen.”

Blog-writer Ryan Lattanzio’s informative piece focuses on why Kids for Cash may not be getting the attention it deserves. He discussed how this real-life crime story that examines the Luzerne County judges scandal will “scare the wits out of anyone worried about how institutional neglect is affecting our kids.”

Lattanzio interviewed film-maker Robert May, who felt that one of the problems with lack of audience may be that because the scandal broke in 2009, making international news at the time, and the documentary was not released until earlier this year, five years after news of the scandal, the story already had it’s news cycle.

May also felt that there is a lot of fear out there when stories like this involve children. People may not want to believe that things like this are happening in their own hometowns, or that they could possibly happen to their own children. This is a movie that will make some people feel very uncomfortable, and some may just not want to see it, because they don’t want to experience the effect the film is having on those who do.

According to May, there have been judges, prosecutors and government officials who have screened the film on Capital Hill, some of whom have been moved to tears after viewing, because of the profound effect it has on those individuals.

May and his producing partner, Lauren Timmons, worked on editing more than 600 hours of footage taken over a four-year period into a 2-hour documentary. They covered the scandal from its early days until the incarceration of those judges involved. Most importantly, Kids for Cash focused on the real life stories of several of the children involved, showing the reality of how it affected their lives not only at the time, but also today. It is these candid testimonials from emotional children that can bring an audience member to tears.

Read Ryan Lattanzio’s full blog.

If you are interested in seeing Kids for Cash, but were not able to see it in theaters, it is currently available On-Line and On-Demand at iTunes, Vudu, Amazon instant video, Comcast, Google Play, Play Station Store and XBOX 360. The Kids for Cash DVD will be released on December 2, 2014. It can be pre-ordered now on the Kids for Cash Website.