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I have two teenage children who were ages 10 and 13 at the time we began production on Kids For Cash.  My own missteps in raising my kids included the principle that if you do an “adult crime, you should do adult time.”  But one of the most fundamental things I’ve learned (which in hindsight seems so obvious) is that the human brain continues to develop through a person’s mid-twenties.  The delay in frontal lobe development is precisely why young people are so impulsive: their ability to think logically or foresee risk is still maturing, so expecting perfect behavior is unrealistic.  I wish I had understood this 10 years ago!

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  1. I just watched kids for cash and was brought to tears several times during the film. I have experienced my own hardships with another county in PA. Tioga county Pennsylvania. There are children placed in the foster care system in this county who are never returned to their parents. I was lucky. I got my four children back but I have seen many families wrongfully destroyed. I know several caseworkers whom have resigned their positions claiming that they could not be tied into what they consider to be legalized child trafficking. I wouldn’t know where to begin to look at the financial aspects or who is gaining what from the endless programs and counceling that you are required to complete to show that you are expected to complete. Low income families are targeted and then placed in county programs where money is filtered through, via the access card. I personally was forced to move out of my 5 bedroom home and into a complex called bridge housing. Like I said, I was lucky, some of the agencies own employees went to court to fight for me and my children. These same woman also asked me to call Regional Services to have someone come up and investigate my case because they felt that my children were, at that point being wrongfully held in placement. I got my children back within a week of contacting Regional. The woman who went to court on my behalf was reprimanded for doing so. She had been with the agency for 18 yrs. She simply said she didn’t agree with the caseworkers recommendation. The same group of women also told me that I should take my children and leave the state because they felt like Tioga County would never truly let us go.


  2. Dear Mr. May and all involved with the “Kids for Cash” project, I want to, firstly, thank you for making the movie and for caring so much about our children! Also, thank you for not just stopping at the movie and continuing the revolution towards change in our “injustice system” with regards to kids. Thank you for the amazing calls to action on your blog and the resources and information you provide as well. You don’t stop at only reporting about this, but also on working to put an end to it. Words can’t express the gratitude for the humanity you’ve shown for such inhumane actions by evil judges and evil people that did nothing and enabled the judges to commit these crimes against children.

    Please know that I, too, have a blog that I’ve recently launched and have written a post on this subject. I referenced you and your movie and included you blog link as well.

    I, too, am trying to do my part in insisting on making right what is wrong in this great nation of ours.

    The name of my blog is: Layman’s Legal Empowerment and the link is

    I would love it if you made your followers aware of my blog so that we can all work together in prompting these important social changes.

    Again, thank you and keep revolutionizing!!!

    Liz Maratta

    Twitter: @laymanslegal


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